Of the 10,369 acres associated with the Battle of Williamsburg only 69 acres are protected. About 400 undeveloped acres remain. As a local non-profit organization we advocate for the preservation and interpretation of the battlefield and sites associated with Williamsburg's Civil War history. 

March 24, 2015- 65 acres of 'core' battlefield are saved!

Washington Post, April 29th, 2014- "Many of Virginia's Historic Sites Are in Jeopardy."

April 2014, Williamsburg Battlefield listed as one of the eleven 'Most Endangered Sites' in Virginia!

In August 2013, the Daily Press published several articles concerning the Battle of Williamsburg- specifically focused on the area of property being threatened by development. This area was where Hancock's Union soldiers and Early's Confederate soldiers tangled late in the day.  The follow video produced by the Daily Press  features author and historian Carson O Hudson.

August coverage by Amanda Kerr at the Daily Press concerning the potential loss of hundreds of acres of Williamsburg "Core Battlefield" property. 

Seven Union soldiers were awarded the Medal of Honor for their actions at the Battle of Williamsburg.

Find out more about these seven men here.

In 1993, the Civil War Sites Advisory Commission Report on the Nation's Civil War Battlefields reported that the Battlefield at Williamsburg was ranked "III.2.  Class B, good or fair integrity, low threats, more than 20% of the core area protected."  By July 2009, the Update to Civil War Sites Advisory Commission Report showed only 3% of the battlefield was protected.